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Scam runner Gordon Brent Pierce has got himself a website!

The man himself. Rip-off merchant Gordon Brent Pierce in the flesh

Oh joy! Go here to check out the website of Gordon Brent Pierce, who describes himself as a "no nonsense" business guy with a "hands-on" approach. Sadly, his concept on hands-on is much more about getting his hands on your money, because this scumbag liar is the same guy that's been banned by the Canadian authorities from the stock market, fined $2.9m by the US SEC for his pump and dump scam activities in US OTC stocks and now also has a $7m fine hanging out his tush, also from the SEC and also for pumping and dumping stocks.

Gordon Brent Pierce is a scumball of the worst type, a shark that preys on the innocent greenhorns of the market, rips them off and screws them into the ground, then leaves with their money in his pocket. He's still at his disgusting games too, as we recently witnessed with the shameless pumping and dumping of his vehicle Mercer Gold (MRGP.ob), a bullshit gold junior in Colombia he couldn't run himself due to his multitude of convictions, so he got it headed up by trainee scamster Rahim Jivraj, the whole thing that we at IKN exposed. To see Gordon brent Pierce promoting himself in this way is a joke, but it's probably due to the fact that he's had to put his house on the market recently in order to pay his fines, else face jailtime (at long last).

So do yourself a favour, go visit his website, take a few minutes, look at how he presents himself to the world and learn: This is the pattern of behaviour used by a criminal scumbag white-collar fraud merchant, so commit it to memory. It might save you some cash somewhere down the line. DYODD, dude.

UPDATE: A reader (whose personal details are reserved) send in a screenshot of a mail he sent over at Pierce's contact page on his website: