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The Bear Creek (BCM.v) sacrificial lamb

Welcome to Peru, where justice is not done it's seen to be done. And Gala surely won't be crying in his beer, what with less than three weeks before the government changeover anyway. 

Your author translates this release from Peru's State news agency, Andina:

10:50 Fernando Gala resigns as Vice-Minister of Mines

Lima, July 8 (ANDINA). The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) today accepted the resignation of Fernando Gala from the post of Vice-Minister of Mines and charged said role to the Vice-Minister of Energy, Luis Gonzáles.

According to an executive resolution from the MEM published today, Gala's resignation will go into effect on July 15th and as from the following day, Gonzáles will be in charge of said desk.

From July 16th Gala will occupy the post of Spokesperson of the Mining Cabinet, a post that he ran from 2007 until he was designated Vice-Minister of Mines.

Gala became Vice-Minister of Mines on June 22 2009