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Chart of the day is....

...the "small silvers" year to date chart, because last night it suddenly dawned on me that I haven't updated on this one for a long time.

Which was lapse of me, but an honest

Anyway, in the lead we have First Majestic ( so take a bow, guys. Followed by more living proof that gringos will buy anything, Great Panther Silver ( and then a tad behind Endeavour Silver ( Your author notes at this point that the top three are all recent listings on the NYSE (with tickers (AG) (GPL) (EXK) as evidence). Methinks hardly a coincidence, Mister Ganoza.

Then after those three come the silver ETF (SLV) as our benchmark with a near identical score (though both fratcions behind) from Fortuna Silver ( and IMPACT Silver (IPT.v and I hate the way they capitalize these names...MAG....IMPACT...ECU....what's the freakin' point, dudes? Feel the need to shout or something, go to a ball game).

So to the fails, which start off with MAG Silver ( and U.S. Silver (USA.v), are followed by the permafail ECU Silver ( and propping up the whole lot is Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v), which has had its well documented problems in Peru. And thus we remedy our lack of coverage on the small silvers and pretty promise we'll do this one the end of each month as per normal going forward.