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Goodbye Twobreakfasts

The IOP/PUCP Catolica University opinion pollster team (one of the more reliable in Peru) today published its final approval ratings poll for Alan García, with just 19 days left to go in his five year mandate. He scored 31.3% approval and 62.1% disapproval, which if added to previous PUCP scores makes an administration that looks like this:

Well, you can't fault Twobreakfasts for consistency, anyway. You can fault him for being a mediocre arrogant fat bastard, but that's another story. As for other news, incoming Prez Ollanta Humala got a 56% approval rating. That'll drop, take it to the bank. Finally, new-ish Lima mayor Susana Villarán saw her approval plummet to just 21.3%, basically because she's far too honest a person to be involved in Peru politics. The full PDF download is on this link.