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K is for Kirchner, K is for Killer, and S is for...


Yes, the silly season of Argentine Presidential Elections is upon us and although we all know Cristina wins this thing, we have to have some fun along the way.

Here's a direct translation of this report at La Nacion Argentina about an advert running for Channel 13 of Argentina's new HDTV service. For those unaware, C13 is owned by Kirchner opposition Clarin Group. Under the report, you get to see the advert (and it's really quite good) yourself. No words in it either, pure action/adventure...and stuff.

K Polemic for a Channel 13 Advertisement
A Kirchner psychiatrist analyzed the spot where an attempted assassination of a president is seen. He denounces the large quantity of K letters, a message that suggests "mental manipulation" according to the expert.

Thursday, 21 July

Scandal has erupted due to an advert in which Channel 13 publicizes its High Definition TV (HD) service. In it, a young female killer is seen trying to assassinate a supposed president of a European country who is waving from a balcony. The assassin misses the target and shoots a TV with HD images which is benig watched by a pair of pensioners in an apartment close to the site. 

Up to now, all normal stuff, but the problems start with the inscriptions. Psychiatrist Marcelo Dignani, self-proclaimed "national and popular (i.e. Kirchner) militant, has made an analysis of the advert and found a large quantity of K letters that appear semi-hidden, as in the advert words in Spanish and a supposed East European language appear.

"My duty as a professional in the popular field is to warn (about this)", he said. There arer 120 K letters, between normal Ks, double Ks or reversed Ks", he revealed.

This video analysis was published under the title "Subliminal Anti K (Kirchner) Messages in Channel 13" by the Kirchnerite publicity agency Paco Urondo. They make referense to this advert as a proposal that incites "Magnicide".