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More mailbag on recent exposed scams, Allied American Steel (AAST.ob) edition

More mail, this time from long-standing site pal, the bilingual and brainy GMR:
Bonjour Otto,
You wrote about Allied American Steel some time ago.
Please refresh my memory and tell me on which date.
Merci d`avance

The answer, GMR, is June 20th in this post entitled (all subtle like) "Allied American Steel (AAST.ob) is a scam and today hired scumball criminal geologist Richard Tschauder as chief geologist". On that day AAST.ob closed at $1.71, so let's check on the chart since then:

And with a 67.8% loss in just 14 trading days since June 20th, it looks like the owl is needed round here.
DYODD, dudettes and dudes.