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News roundup (we successfully flip playing cards into the waste paper baskets on the other sides of offices more frequently than the average news source)

Alexei, Sarah can see you from there too

I was going to mention Rob McEwen's appearance on BNN TV yesterday and send you over to the BNN link to go watch it yourself, but as Market Narrative has already done it (and far witter than wot i cud), I'm sending you there instead.

Setty is back after a travel hiatus and blogging good stuff. My fave of the last two days is this one on Colombian mining, because Setty takes no crap from any side of an argument.

This is great! John Helmer over at Dances With Bears shows how Russian mining moguls can get to have relaxed and trouble-free AGMs, as Alexei Mordashov of High River Gold ( had his in the Yukon town of Whitehorse even though the company has no offices there or any sort of activity nearby. Sure beats actually having to talk to the proles, eh...

Gold Resource Corp (GORO) responds to the Barron's piece and the lady doth protest too much, methinks. In the end, the only thing I want to know is the 2q11 production numbers, cos money talks and bullshit walks.