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Wanna read what Graeme Jennings of Cormark thinks of First Majestic Silver's (AG) ( 2q11 production numbers? Sure here you go, click and download your own copy.

Calculated Risk calls the BLS June Employment "A terrible report". When it comes to following US macro stats, either an utter fool or someone who follows the stats very but VERY closely disagrees with Calculated Risk. I'm neither*

Bear Creek's (BCM.v) catching a bid this morning. Knew it would eventually. Candente ( too...time for the beaten up Peru plays to put in a relief rally?

A cheer for the Ticos. The 2-0 win last night wasn't magic futbol, but a win is a win and it's good to see the little guys of LatAm soccer make a mark.

I was going to do a post on Chilean Prez Sebastian Piñera LawdAwful 31% approval rating yesterday, but didn't get round to it. Now that Greg Weeks has it covered, no need. By the way, 31% is almost acceptable in some LatAm countries, but in Post Pinochet Chile it's literally unheard of.

*just a bit of a fool sometimes