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Accountability at Casey Research and East Asia Minerals (EAS.v)

We call to account Casey Research because of their constant, unadulterated bullshit claims of "100% winning pick" ratios, neverfail stock selection prowess and more soft soap crap that anyone with a grip on reality could possibly stomach.

Let's be clear: If Casey Research were honest about their true track record, the series of posts here at IKN would not exist. Au contraire, they are bullshit liars, which is why we highlight them so often.

What you're looking at is a stock pick, East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) that has lost 73.4% in the space of four months and it's one that Louis James would rather sweep under the carpet. He's shown no signs of remorse about it either and just keeps calling buy, all the way down. Be a man for once and reap what you sow, epicfail Lobito.