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Great Panther Silver ( (GPL) stops the bullshit about its cash costs profile and makes dumbass analysts that swallowed their previous crap whole look stupid

An interesting 2q11 report out of Great Panther Silver ( today (link here). Not because of the pisspoor bottom line results, because we at IKN were expecting that (see this post, July 12th, for the details on that). Not for the whiny "honest guv it wasn't our fault" excuses from CEO Archer, either (sidebar note: any GPR long actually asked the company WHY their concentrate has been rejected by buyers recently?).

No, the interesting bit is that GPR seems to have swallowed the honesty pill and is now reporting its cash costs in a more open and transparent way. By way of a re-cap, check out an excerpt of this April '11 post concerning its 2010 numbers:
Some numbers.
In 4q10, GPR said that its "cash cost" was U$8.41 per ounce of silver sold. 

This means its "cash cost" total for the quarter added up to U$3.111m
(and if you don't believe me, check the company filings on SEDAR, they're all there).

However, its "Cost of Sales" for the quarter was $6.36m!
Yes, you read that right. When GPR touts its "cash cost" figure, what it doesn't explain is that it only covers less than half of its real costs.

So there's how GPR used to bullshit the braindead anal ysts, but today's 2q11 numbers show this:
2q11 silver production: 386,210 oz
2q11 cash cost: $11.84
Total of above: $4.57m
Reported cost of sales in 2q11 report: $4.61m

Close enough! Hey guys, about time you started telling the truth about your costs. Mind you it does make your previous estimates for 2011 costs look pretty freakin rum, no? After all you GPR people did say that you'd produce silver at between $6.50 and $8 per ounce this year. The reality is...
2q11 cash cost: $11.84/oz
1h11 cash cost: $10.69/oz
Feeling stupid yet, Christopher Barker of the Motley Dumbass? After all, since you told us about "your favourite silver play GPR" in April this year it's down over 20%, all during the world's most amazing silver price run to date.

Moral of this story DYO freakin' DD and do not believe 1) the numbers given to you by a company and more importantly 2) the braindead anal ysts who try to pass themselves off as professionals but just swallow the company spin whole.

UPDATE: Reacting to this post, your author receives this question as part of a mail from reader CV (a GPR long):

"...why do you have to rant so much about it...?"

Answer: Guy's gotta have a hobby.

UPDATE 2: Who is goldminingXpert? Do I know you? A quick mail would be appreciated if possible. And if Christopher Barker (aka TMFsinchiruna) is resorting to Ad Hom attacks instead of addressing his own obvious failings he so totally fails. Ego = poverty in this game, dumbass.