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How junior mining analysts admit mistakes

1) The method used by honest, mature adults that understand that you can't possibly pick 100% winners all the time.
"I'm sorry, it was a bad pick. It's time to admit that and take the loss, heavy though it might be."

2) The method used by bullshit pumpers and liars who think far too much of themselves to be of any use to their client base:
"We see this temporary downturn as an excellent opportunity to average down and pick up some great priced etc etc blah blah BS BS snooze....."

As East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) is now 75% down (wow! now that's a loser) from the time Louis James of Casey Research recommended the stock as a buy just four months ago (wow! now that's quick), we wait with bated breath to see which method he uses in the next edition of his International Speculator monthly newsletter, coming 1st week of September. 

Watch this space.