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Bullshit scam Portage Resources ( and the most Fabulous! NR of the week

This NR linked, one of a recent series of pump bullshit NRs out of the lying toerag scumballs at Portage Resources ( made more than one marketwatcher laugh. The reason is this quote:

Portage Resources Inc. ("Portage" or the "Company") (POTG-OTCQB) through its subsidiary Portage Minerals S.A. has opened new corporate offices in the most prestigious business district of Lima, Peru.......The Portage offices are within minutes of Larcomart, and are directly located across from the fabulous Crown Plaza Hotel.

For context, please read this line from a mail received from an experienced Lima mining head:
The “fabulous Crown Plaza Hotel”. There´s a gay disco on the ground floor, I guess it´s fabulous all right.

Meanwhile, Seeking Alpha hits new lows. Once upon a time it was just a mediocre site but it did have some type of barrier for entry. Sadly these days it's just turning into a straight pump site, as seen in this note that promos Portage to the unwary masses there. Jeesh dudes, this thing is a paid pumpjob! WTF are you doing allowing a bucketshop device to darken your steps. The demise of SinkingAlpha is clear to see, just a penny pumphouse these days.