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The mail your author sent to Roger McConchie, lawyer representing Kaare Foy, the Chairman of Great Panther Silver ( (GPL)

Early in September your humble scribe received a mail from a certain Roger McConchie, a lawyer representing the Chairman of Great Panther Silver ( (GPL), Kaare Foy. As the mail was plastered with things like "copyright" and "you can't reproduce it anywhere" and other such anally retentive guff I can't really post it up, much as I'd like to. Suffice to say that the mail received told of how I'd been awfully awfully unfair to Mr. Foy on these pages, demanded the removal of certain IKN posts and a grovelling retraction or two. 

So we can't show you the contents of Roger McConchie's mail...but we can show you my reply to him sent September 15th 2011 (they'd asked for a reply by the 16th, so naturally we complied). Here it is and strangely enough, since sending this mail we haven't heard a peep from Roger or Kaare for that matter, even though a reminder mail was sent to them from this desk at the end of the month. Enjoy.


Just three things to mention at this point.

1) We wholly disagree with your false accusations and nothing is being changed on the blog.

2) As at August 21st 2011 we recommended Great Panther Silver ( (GPL) as a buy on our subscription service with a target price of $4.50 set. We state clearly that the recommendation occurred long before your false accusations were made known. It wasn't at recent stock price lows, either. A copy of the report is available on request, but hey... feel free to alienate a long supporter of and his client base by continuing with your baseless threats if you prefer.

3) Your client would greatly benefit from the advice offered in this segment of the Ronnie Johns show.

Linked here

As Mr. Johns is a fellow Australian, it may help to ram home the point that going all soft about (wholly incorrectly) perceived SIWOTI is hardly the way to move forward in this 21st century world.

Have a pleasant weekend, sir.

IKN back with a couple of notes. Firstly, for those not au fait with internet slang, SIWOTI stands for "something is wrong on the internet". Secondly, subscribers to The IKN Weekly can attest to the accuracy of point 2). Thirdly, Ronnie Johns rocks.