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Alfonso Cano is dead


This El Pais biography out today is a good read and includes his background and how/why he became leader of the FARC-EP of Colombia. It also notes that this is the first time any FARC leader has been killed in combat.

Update: Half an hour after posting and two things to add here on further reflection:

1) The link is to El Pais, the Colombian newspaper. Not Spain's El Pais.

2) The reason behind the single comment word "good" above. It's the result of a) wanting to note here at IKN that a terrorist leader has been eliminated from the map of Colombia, because that's important news and a distinct positive for the country b) not wanting to paint him with too many words because he doesn't deserve my time and c) not wanting to speak much ill of the dead, as that does nothing much for anyone. So simply, the news is good.