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Brazil auto sales: Shock headlines from dumbass reporters

It's LiesDamnedLiesStatistics time as yesterday Reuters tried to make the world feel worried about Brazil's economic future via this report (three updates!!!) that highlighted a 10% drop in new car sales in Brazil in the month of October. Here's how their note kicks off:
SAO PAULO, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Automobile production in Brazil barely recovered in October from a September plunge while sales extended their decline, reinforcing signs of a slowdown in Latin America's biggest economy.

The 280,600 cars sold was down from the 311,600 of September this year, which according to Reuters is a sure sign that the world is indeed coming to an end and that Harold Camping shouldn't have given up so easily. Yes you've guessed it already, IKN is calling bullshit on another round of shrill reporter waffling and here's why, courtesy of the stats at Brazil's official auto chamber of commerce people, anfavea:

Are you seriously telling me that's a worrying sales chart, Alfredo Alerigi Jr., dumbass hack at Reuters? How many days have you worked as a biz reporter anyway, cos by the looks of things it's unlikely we can count your experience in years. Are you seriously trying to spin one soft month into a Brazil recession story, you fuckwit?

It's a crystalline lesson in how facts beat out conjecture, so look at the chart because it's a dataset that clearly shows only abject fools read downturns into just one or two months of auto sales in Brazil and the trend most definitely is your friend in the country. And you didn't have to see it here either, all you had to do was the same as me and spend 15 minutes checking the stats at anfavea to get a better idea of the true state of Brazil's car market.

So this one's for you and your freakin' dumbass editor too, Alfredo Alerigi Jr, because I can guarantee you won't bother to run the "Brazil's economy fine as the spike in November auto sales demonstrates" type report next month, willyaz?