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Junior silver producers over the last five days

This chart shows how six small silver producers (we're leaving out companies that aren't in production or aren't mainly silver producers this time), namely Fortuna Silver ( (FSM), IMPACT Silver (IPT.v), Endeavour Silver ( (EXK), U.S. Silver (, First Majestic ( (AG) and Great Panther Silver ( (GPL) got on against the silver bullion ETF (SLV) last week:

  • The best performance was seen in FVI (yay!), undoubtedly helped by the strong 3q11 released last week.
  • Interesting late move by, especially as the company is due to release its 3q11 numbers before the bell on Monday. 
  • IPT.v has never been a personal favourite, but it's been showing well recently and with decent volumes too, so maybe it's time I revisited that one.
  • Silver bullion (SLV) was flat on the week.
  • EDR and FR have both been on runs this year, but neither showed great 3q numbers and the "in line" feeling dragged on both.
  • GPR also releases its 3q11 numbers Monday, though post-bell. Gotta be said that the whisper is stronger for