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Peru: Humala's honeymoon period ends today

Today Humala gets his first dose of governmental setback. His deputy Vice-President and sitting member of Congress for Humala's Gana Peru party, Omar Chehade, is about to resign his post (or at least "suspend his activities until investigation is complete") due to a typically sleazy back room deal he tried to run all nice and quiet that was found out by the press (and for the record, if he resigns later today note that this post went up at 09:13 am). For more details on the sleaze Google up the words "Andahuasi" and "Chehade" then read to your heart's content, but this little message is more about what it'll mean to the Humala government going forward.

One of Humala's strongest cards to play during his campaign was his uncorrupted, virginal image and how he'd fight tooth and nail to rid the country of its deep-seated corrupt activities in the halls of power. So today his cherry gets popped and a member of his entourage either falls, or is pushed (or in the unlikely circumstances that Chehade refuses to step aside, stains the Humala gov't going forward in a chronic manner). Reality sets in and the honeymoon is over, just 48 hours after his first 100 days are done. Sounds about right.

IKN has used the phrase "Welcome to the New Peru! (just the same as the old Peru)" on many occasions this year. From about today onwards, you might get why it's the catchphrase we prefer on Peru round here.

PS: By the way, it's Omar Chehade's 41st birthday today so maybe he'll wait until tomorrow to announce his step-aside-eration. ¡Feliz cumple, Omarcito!

UPDATE 19:15h EST: Ok, he's gone for the "I'm suspending my activities until the investigation is complete", route.