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Portage Resources ( Scams are invariably run by liars

We've run enough of the obvious scam junior Portage Resources ( to last any self-respecting blerg a long while, but all the same a little note is necessary in light of new information. Today your humble scribe received a mail from a friend who will remain anonymous on these pages but really, REALLY knows the Peru mining scene...we're talking in terms of decades and generations, not a couple of piffling years like IKN. 

Anyway, here's what your author received:

" curious about your comment on Portage, had never heard of them before. But sure, it looks and reads like a scam.
On a quick glance at their website two things got my attention, the first one in the presentation: “We are going to find a several hundred million ounce resource in the most effective way possible.”
Now, whether in an effective or ineffective way, that sounds a bit pretentious, doesn’t it? It would make Newmont and Barrick (even put together) look like midgets!
Unfortunately for Mr. Luna, Universidad de Lima only teaches Industrial and Computer engineering..."

So for one thing (and you'll have to believe me on this up to a certain point, because names must be kept out of limelight on occasion) if the person who wrote that mail had never heard of Portage or its CEO, there's something amiss already. Secondly, he's absolutely right to nail all that stupidity about "several hundred million ounce" deposits, but it's the third one that shows the true calibre of Portage Resources. Yes that's right folks, Paul Luna Belfiore, CEO and centre of this whole shoddy bullshit scam we know as Portage Resources ( is lying about his qualifications. He couldn't have the qualification he says he has, because that course Simply. Doesn't. Exist.

Oh, and another thing that doesn't exist any more is your money if you bought shares in this scam. 

But don't say we didn't try to warn you. And warn you. And warn you. And warn you. And warn you. And warn you.