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The 'Small Silvers' 2011 sweepstakes end October update

I remembered, so here's the updated list:

Still at the top is Endeavour Silver ( with a near 60% gain so far this year. Second place has now been taken by Fortuna Silver (, which doesn't surprise me one little bit. Completing the podium of honour is IMPACT Silver (IPT.v), which has put on a bit of a spurt in the last few days and nosed ahead of the chasing the pack.

Then come First Majestic ( and U.S. Silver (USA.v), both beating out the Silver ETF bullion tracker (SLV) which acts as our baseline. So we come to to dogs, with Great Panther Woof (, MAG Woof (, then big double woofs for Bear Creek (BCM.v) and Golden Minerals (AUMN)