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LatAm forex trends

His piece is really about worldwide trends in supply capacity, but along the way Krugman also nails why LatAm currencies are appreciating. The major weakness of the export-based model clear for all to see, as if you let your currency appreciate you choke off your competitive advantage in the non-fungible export market (textiles, fruit, wine, you name it) but if you don't, inflation is going to bite your nether regions.

Brazil and its currency swaps, Chile and its Cenbank forex intervention, Peru and its minimum bank reserve hikes, three of many recent moves that are all of the same ilk and designed to keep the currency weak enough to bring in customers for its exports. But, as an example of the top of the head, when wheat is doing this in dollar terms....
...and a country like Peru that imports 80% of the wheat it uses is against allowing its currency to appreciate against the dollar, the inevitable result is higher prices for bread, pasta etc. Anyway, go read Krugman's blog piece, it's short and to the point and doesn't ladle the politics, either.

Dead Peruvian miners

In the period 2000 to 2010, Peru managed to kill 684 miners at its officially registered mines (these figures don't include deaths at the informal or artisanal mineworkings so Lord only knows how many more there are to tack onto these numbers). 

We're glad the 33 Chilean miners were saved last year, but on average nearly double that amount of souls were killed in Peru every year in the years in question (works out at 31.09 X 2). The chart data is from here and now for a cheesey 80's video. 

Saturday mailbag

Reader HA should really take up blogging, you'd be way good at it, my man. Here's what your author received this morning from HA and there's 100% agreement here:

mail title: Fwd: Tech Stocks Crushed, Gold Tanks, And The Dollar Gets Hammered: Here's What You Need To Know

body: Business Insider is about as relevant to business as the Stockhouse Bullboards are to stockpicking. Why would you mention gold in a headline but not the article?  Just seems to reinforce the sky is falling meme. Did you hear gold might break $1300? Oh my Gawd!

Yep, the site run by the fraudster Henry Blodget is the biz equivalent of porn, but it does have its use as a contrary indicator. The more "gold tanks" headlines in the peanut galleries, the closer we are to a reverse and bounce.


The Friday OT: Depeche Mode: It's No Good

I love the auto-send-up, the chintz, the scrubbed sleaze and the whole pastiche thing of this video.

What I remember most about this song, though, was hearing it the first time. "Depeche Mode? 80's synthband out of style and all washed up years ago, aren't they?" was the pre-song thought and "Aha! Wrong again, Otto" mid-song. It matters little if talent comes out of a voice, a guitar, a drumkit or a synth, it's still talent.

Just The Facts on cocaine

A fascinating post on cocaine production, supply, demand and obvious discrepancies between numbers bandied about on all the above over at Just The Facts on this link. More stats than you can shake a stick at and plenty of food for thought. Highly recommended.

Seeking Alpha offers ten bucks for IKN posts

I gave up contributing to Seeking Alpha many moons ago, basically because if this whole blogging thing was going to work or fail I much prefer that it works or fails for me alone. At the time I thought that if it turns out to be a waste of time, the people at Seeking Alpha lose nothing for my failure but on the other hand, if it turns out that my random brainspewings get popular, all the content shipped out to them would benefit them far more than me. You dilute yourself, you lower the bluesky potential.

There was also the thing about how Seeking Alpha didn't pay for third party content. For one thing, I come from a place that says "if it's good enough to sell it's good enough to pay for" and seeing my articles on SA with their adverts stuck next to them stuck in my craw after a while. For another, writing "for exposure" is all well and good and the bigger audience may lead to something, but as the old journalistic saying goes "you can die of exposure". If I want to write for free on my own little humble corner of cyberspace, well that's my decision. But if somebody else likes my work and wants to use it in their space, thanks for the compliment but what's in it for me? (yes i know you think i'm a raving commie at times, but scratch the surface and find a capitalist).

So with that preamble out the way, here we are in early 2011, IKN is tootling along quite happily and I've been interested in the blogosphere chatter this week about Seeking Alpha's new initiative to pay contributors. Basically, on the plus side you can hand over an article to SA and if it's published under their new exclusivity terms they'll pay you $10 per every 1000 pageviews. However, it also means that you can't reproduce your own material on your own blog, or anywhere else for that matter. And it means you hand over exclusive rights to SA and they can sell on your material and keep any proceeds for themselves. The issue has been looked at in great detail with good comments sections over at Felix Salmon's blog here and here, also other places like Barry Ritholtz (here) and to get up to full speed on the whys and wherefores of it all, including smart comments from SA contributors, those links are highly recommended.

So anyway, there I was looking on at this debate, not thinking about how it would affect me, when I get this mail from Seeking Alpha. For some weird reason they seem to remember me:

Dear Otto,
I hope this e-mail finds you well. We contacted you in March 2009 about the possibility of contributing to Seeking Alpha. You politely declined saying that you would like to be compensated for your articles. You'll be happy to hear that we are now paying contributors for their articles. Far above the industry standard, we pay $10 per thousand pageviews for exclusive articles that are selected for publication by our Editorial team. You can read more about the Premium Partnership Program here and the program FAQs here. Please note our standards for publication here for the best way to get an article accepted.

Seeking Alpha has over 4 million unique monthly visitors and combined with Seeking Alpha's distribution partners, articles that you submit to Seeking Alpha can have a total reach of over 50 million unique monthly readers. We have over 4,000 contributing authors.

We hope that you will reconsider our offer to join Seeking Alpha's team of contributors.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have further questions.

Best, Michal
Ms. Michal Slawny
Contributor Relations Manager
Seeking Alpha
mslawny AT

And I was all, "Oh whoopydoo, I get to write an article, send it to Seeking Alpha, hope that their editorial team accept it, if they do I have to accept their editorial changes to my writings, get it published on their site, I can't publish it here at any time before or after submission unless it gets rejected by SA and if it all works wonderfully and I get, let's say, 10,000 view over there, they then send me $100, which is about what I'll need to pay for a commission on one trade. And they think that's a good deal?". I was also kind of perplexed on his her line about how I "politely declined", because I recall being rather snotty with them. So i wrote this back:

Dear Michael,

A question: As far as I understand on reading your new system, if I post an article on my own site and then submit it to Seeking Alpha it wouldn't get any sort of compensation. Is that correct?


To which Michal replied:

That's correct Otto. However, you may post a 250-word excerpt on your site and then link to the entire article on Seeking Alpha. You could receive compensation in that scenario.

We can also monitor your blog if you'd like to post articles without compensation.



So I then sent
Michal (spelling correct this time, apologies),

Please tell me that you see the weak point in what you're offering here. I write an article and if I want to make it part of the $10-per-1000-views Seeking Alpha program I have to submit it to you, I can't publish myself on my own blog and if you decide to run my piece I only have the right to publish a small excerpt of my own work on my own blog, most probably after the editorial decision to publish and run it on Seeking Alpha has been made. It reminds me of the smallprint on a Radiohead album I own: "
All lyrics reproduced with kind permission of the record company, even though we wrote them."

I appreciate that you guys are actually willing to stump up some cash for your contributors or (in my case) potential contributors, but the conditions that your trying to impose aren't very impressive so far. Do you have a better offer?

That was yesterday. He She hasn't gotten round to replying yet, which I think is wise on his  her part as he's  she's probably swamped with the same kind of exchanges and fed up to the back teeth with them. As it happens, even the best posts on IKN may be worth much less than ten bucks, but in my own little Walter Mitty world I like to think they're worth a lot more. Seriously, ten bucks for 1000 pageviews under a strict exclusivity clause isn't going to attract decent writers to your shop, SA. Au contraire mes braves, you're going to deter the exact type of contributor you need to make SA the kind of website you want to make it. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys and what you're offering, especially under a rules system that says I wouldn't be able to post my own content on my own site, is peanuts.

Rant over. I'll now go back to watching my own stocks drop while other people's stocks go up. Have a nice day.

PS: As pointed out by kind reader 'HA' who sent me the above link, the comments policy statement on Ritholtz's blog is excellent. Here it is reproduced:

"Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Also, be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied. Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous."
UPDATE: There are many things that I don't know. One of them was that Michal is a girl's name, not a boy's name. I learn and thanks for the corrections.

South America vs S&P500, 2011

This could turn into a weekly obsessive chart at IKN during 2011 (that's fair warning):

The S&P500 is basically UNCH as goes 2011 so far. The Bovespa is down about 2.5%, Chile's IPSA is down about 3%, Peru's IGBVL is not having a good start to the year.

Chart of the day is.... that maps the numbers on polling report dot com yesterday concerning the popularity of Sarah Palin in The USA. The question asked by the CBS New/New York Times poll to 1038 people and with a margin of error of +/-3% was, "Is your opinion of Sarah Palin favorable, not favorable, undecided, or haven't you heard enough about Sarah Palin yet to have an opinion?". Here's how the answers to that question have evolved over the last two and a bit years:

The trend's your friend and a little of my faith restored in the US public, as for a moment back there I thought you guys were taking her seriously. This news is probably bad for gold though, reducing the fear factor and all that. DYODD.

UPDATE: Mail of the Day comes from reader 'JS' with, "To quote George W. Bush, you misunderestimate the American people.".


Grubby Canadian brokerage gossip of the day

This report over at Stockwatch is good, juicy dirt aimed straight at The Can of Corn:

Cue's Icke to identify Stockhouse poster "scuba2223"

2011-01-20 15:01 ET - Street Wire

by Mike Caswell
John Icke, the chairman of Cue Resources Ltd., may soon learn the identity of a Stockhouse poster who wrote that Mr. Icke committed extortion in Paraguay. According to filings in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the person responsible used an IP address at Canaccord Genuity Corp., and Canaccord has agreed to provide that person's name.
Icke sues Stockhouse
Mr. Icke has been trying to identify the poster since Oct. 6, 2010, when he filed a notice of claim against Stockhouse Publishing Inc., asking for the IP address of a user called scuba2223. In the suit, he said that scuba2223 wrote the following post on Aug. 27, 2010: "Paraguayan Authorities are looking for John Icke regarding Cue Resources. The news said he is involved in stealing documents and extorsion [sic]!" The message had a header which read, "Paraguay going after John Icke."

In completely unrelated news, IKN recalls that ex-Zed, the mining analyst Eric Zaunscherb, left his job at Canaccord in December 2010 in an abrupt manner that was wholly unexpected by his colleagues. But this is almost certainly unrelated to today's story, as is the vague and possibly erroneous recollection that Zaunscherb is a scuba diving enthusiast.

The definitive Alange (ALE.v)

Owwww...a KILLER post by Setty on Alange Energy (ALE.v) today. Go read, must read.

First Majestic ( (AG): Welcome, New York!

IKN would like to take a moment to welcome the fine, upstanding investment community of New York City to the wonderfully wonderful world of junior silver mining. We hope you are enjoying your new-found experience via the December 15th listing of First Majestic under the ticker AG in your fine city and if you have any questions concerning the apparent volatility of the stock, feel free to phone investment advisors who live in the city that your Rangers whupped at hockey 7-0 last night.

Have a nice day.

Coca Wars!

This one has been brewing for some time. Bolivia wants the international ban on coca leaf chewing to be lifted, The USA wants to ban to remain in place and now it's showtime at the United Nations. Joshua Frens-String over at Hemispheric Brief does his usual top job in collating and synthesizing the story, so get in all in a quicktime dose over at his place by clicking here.

FWIW, your author has chewed coca leafs on many an occasion, as well as drinking gallons of coca tea. It's about as narcotic as a cup of coffee...a weak one with milk and sugar at that. What makes me laugh is how 1) whitey comes to South America 2) whitey discovers the benefits of the coca leaf 3) whitey wonders 'how does that work?', 4) whitey does clever science, isolates the cocaine alkaloid and makes a natural substance a gazillion times more powerful and suddenly dangerous then 5) whitey declares that the leaf is now a danger to humanity.

Gold: Y'all ready for this?

Were you prepared?

Round this way we were prepared, having raised cash in December and having been patient in January. Now let's see how this next chapter of the never-ending story plays out. Meantime, music maestro!

Sadly, I remember the clothes only too well.

Chart of the day is....

...GLD (the gold ETF) versus SLV (the silver ETF):

When silverbugs tell me silver isn't a speculation, I rarely respond and always try my best to keep a straight face.


Mo' Alange Energy (ALE.v)

Setty keeps on the ball with the unfolding ALE.v trainwreck and the downfall of its CEO Luis Giusti, a man whose company personnel believe holds a "sign of honour" because he was booted out of PDVSA by Chavez. Has it occurred to you that he might have been booted out of two jobs for being a bullshitter, not just one?

Anyway, Setty's post is cool because he even gets in a dig about that huckster and BS artist supreme, Thom "not-guilty-of-securities-fraud-because-the-SEC-and-I-settled-out-of-court" Calandra. Go see.

Panamanian whisky in a can

Please file the following under 'can't make this shit up' as word of this 21st century marvel comes from Minyanville today. Here's an excerpt (but the whole thing needs to be read, so click through):
"Scottish Spirits -- which gets by on a technicality with an office in Glasgow -- is experimenting with the canned whisky in its Caribbean and South American markets. Although it's not authentic Scotch whisky, the company expects the product to be popular with the outdoor drinker.

"Chief executive Manish Panshal told the Daily Mail, "We are really thrilled with the idea -– it's going to be a part of every lifestyle and occasion..."

American Power (AMPW.ob), a scam and today's most obvious shorting opportunity

Why so? Here's so. Today your author was sent the pump on this link for AMPW.ob by kind reader 'KF' who added "Who buys this shit?". The answer, KF, is that the foolish and the market naive are the prey for people like John Myers and Johannes Petersen.

The basics: Click that link above and check it out for yourself but what you get is the utter scumbag John Myers pumping American Power (AMPW.ob) and talking about 5000% gains and all sorts of ridiculous junk about how Rio Tinto is going to take them over and this and that and red letters and E!X!C!L!A!M!A!T!I!O!N!S! all over the shop and and and etc etc etc. Amongst the tosh and balderdash you also get the link to the American Power website that (almost goes without saying these days) greets you with an image of the Stars'n'Bars. So all the redflag boxes already being ticked off nicely. But then with about a minute's extra looking you get to see that:

1) The man behind AMPW.ob is none other than Johannes Petersen. The same name behind Gold American Mining (SILA.ob).
2) It may be a bizarre coincidence, but AMPW.ob boasts of the same kind of financing deal-that-is-not-a-deal with the same European back as SILA.ob.
3) And it may be another bizarre coincidence, but the last time we looked at the scumbag John Myers he was pumping a stock called Gold American Mining (SILA.ob).

So let's see how SILA.ob has got on since we ran our post entitled "Gold American Mining Is A Scam" on August 18th:

Hmmmm......not living up to the hype, is it? but back to AMPW.ob and if you check the SEC filings on this dog you'll see even more horridness, for example the latest annual report out Jan 13th 2011. There you'll note negative working cap around half the stock held by Petersen, the reality of its assets (nowhere near as pleasant for longs as Myers' views) all the usual checkboxes of these scams.

At its current $1.15 share price, this box of nothing has a market cap over $104m. A more obvious short is hard to find. DYODD.

Marin Katusa is leaving the building

Looks like our old buddypalmucker (virtual chock of shoulder) Marin Katusa has decided to stop being in the direct front line of the frontrunning Casey scams and is about to retire from the actual writing of his bullshit pumps. This mail (slightly redacted for obvious reasons) was received by your author from not just one but four sources on Monday and Tuesday (seems other people care about what's going on round at your shop Duggie....and the name of one of the senders even surprised me, which takes some doing these days when the subject is Casey Research, sadly).

From: Gwen Preston [mailto:gwen AT]
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011XXXXX
To: gwen (AT)
Subject: New beginnings
Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have left the Northern Miner and moved to work with Marin Katusa at Casey Research. I will gradually be taking over Marin's energy newsletters.

I spent 3.5 great years with the Miner and very much enjoyed meeting, traveling, and working with you all. I hope we continue to cross paths in the future!

My new email is gwen AT My phone is 77X XXXXXXX 3.


So Casey gets a new writer for the Energy Letter, Marin Katusa has time to train her up to that 'special' way of presenting 'facts' they use round there and once that's all done Marin gets to spend more time with his new BFF Ricky R. And they all lived happily ever after out of jail and yes we love a happy ending at IKN.

Greystar Resources ( What they're saying in Colombia

On Monday 17th, Channel One's top news program, called CM&, ran this report on Greystar Resources ( and its Angostura gold project in the Páramo district of the Santander region.

If you speak Spanish I urge you to watch it, because if you do you'll see just why Colombia's big brokerage, Interbolsa, wrote the following as its top story in its English language daily update the next day (PDF download):
- One of the most influential, highest rated and prime time TV news programs called CM&, yesterday night dedicated more than 5 minutes talking of the Paramo of Santurán, which is located in Angostura state of Santander, and the headline was “The country is in danger of one of the worst environmental misfortunes” due to the possible licenses to Greystar to explode and extract gold in a open pit mine. A detailed explanation of the death of several animals which are in danger of going extinct and of the contamination of potable water for the city of Bucaramanga and 20 other municipalities was provided. I can only say that the possibilities of Greystar now doing an open pit in that area is cero to none, as if they obtain the licenses all the NGOs will put the Santos administration against the wall!!!

Message to Can of Corn's Nicholas CampbellSoup: You wrong, dude. Bad call.

Despite the USA's best efforts, Bolivia is still determined to combat its drugs traffickers

It's been two or three years now, the time Bolivia has been trying to get itself a decent flotilla of aircraft to combat the drugrunning out of the eastern wing of the country where cocaine manufacture and transport to Brazil and beyond is rife. But sadly, up to now at least every time they've tried to buy to right kind of aircraft to help them stop the drug runners the USA has stopped them by, and this one I really like,  refusing to give permission to other countries to sell Bolivia the machinery (yep seriously, for example The Czech Republic wanted to sell Bolivia the planes, but The USA told their Czech pals that they couldn't do that by invoking the ITAR military technology transfer laws for a plane that saw its first encarnation take off and fly in 1986!).

All the while, of course, The USA has accused Bolivia of not doing enough to combat its drug trafficking problem (while saying little or nothing against Colombia or Peru, the world's two biggest exporters of cocaine..funny dat innit). So anyhow, this English language report out of Straits Times shows what happens when you use a stick instead of a carrot and why it's a bad idea for The USA to continue with this "backyard" claptrap. Dudes, the Chinese aren't coming...they've arrived (and been down this way for quite some time). Here comes a chunk of the story, click through for the rest:

Jan 19, 2011

Bolivia to receive combat aircraft from China

LA PAZ - BOLIVIA is set to receive six Chinese-made combat aircraft to be used to fight drug trafficking, the head of the Bolivian Air Force said on Tuesday.
General Tito Gandarilla, the Air Force commander, told local journalists that the K-8 Karakorum jets are scheduled to be delivered in April, at a cost of US$58 million (S$74.5 million).
The aircraft, bought through a loan from China, will be the first of their kind for Bolivia, which currently has only training and freight aircraft.
Gen Gandarilla explained that the jets 'have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years' and have the ability to intercept illegal crafts that 'in Bolivian airspace without authorisation'. The aircraft will be used mainly around Cochabamba in central Bolivia, where there is heavy production of coca plants used to make cocaine.
The Bolivian government also plans CONTINUES

Chart of the day is.... that shows how gold has traded in Dollar terms and in Euro terms so far this young year, 2011:

Maybe it's too early to start jumping to conclusions, but it does suggest that the sell-pff in the first two days was the real indicative action and the rebound in dollar (edit: HAH! Brain needs to talk to fingers...that  should say Euro) terms was a bit of a falsey. So if this is the case, it'll take more than USD index weakness to truly rally gold in the next few days. Yep we might get a bounce but for a gold price increase to have staying power and legs, we'd need a catalyst from somewhere else. Just my dos centavito's worth this warm and sunny morning*.

*oh....not where you are? Oh, that's a pity.


This week's coveted award goes to....

...every single journalist, commenter, blogger or financial scribbler that has run or is about to run some sort of WHO = HU witticism in their headline in this current 72 hour period. You think it's original? You think it's funny? You think you can please..

A Tuesday musical interlude: Alabama 3; Too Sick To Pray

Things should be getting back to normal round these parts tomorrow, so until then just sing this one amongst yourselves.

I've just found myself hitting repeat many times on this track the last 48 hours. The video is wonderful, too. Hope you enjoy it.

Chart of the day is...

...copper, dailies.

It's trying again for 10k/mt (that's $4.53lb approx)


On the road

Your author got places to go, so expect light posting for a couple of days. You are left with a chunk of Jack to meditate over:
“Dean took out other pictures. I realized these were all the snapshots which our children would look at someday with wonder, thinking their parents had lived smooth, well-ordered, established-within-the-photo lives and got up in the morning to walk proudly on the sidewalks of life, never dreaming the raggedy madness and riot of our actual lives, our actual night, the hell of it, the senseless nightmare road. All of it inside endless and beginningless emptiness. Pitiful forms of ignorance.”

A free subscription to 'Global Finance' magazine

Get your 100% free, no-strings-attached subscription to Global Finance by clicking through and filling in a simple form (no card numbers, no promises to pay later, nothing like that cos this one really is free). A quality publication and an offer that's already been taken up by plenty IKN readers on previous occasions. Here's the blurb and the link:

Global Finance
Global Finance has been providing monthly news and analysis since 1987 about companies and financial institutions that do business around the world.
Global Finance delivers the full story; corporate finance, joint ventures and M&A, country profiles, capital markets, investor relations, currencies, banking, risk management, custody, direct investment, money management and all the rest-specifically tailored for corporate readers around the world.
Geographic Eligibility: Selected International
Offered Free by: Global Finance Media, Inc.
Other Resources from: Global Finance Media, Inc.

Statistical BS, Malaga ( edition

Sadly, Malaga ( is a company this author has followed quite closely over the years, as it's never failed to amaze me how much the company can promise, how little it delivers and how long it can string out a timeline and still get heard when it speaks. So when this NR from the company today started in this way...

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 17, 2011) - Malaga Inc. (TSX:MLG - News) is pleased to announce a record production of 71 996 MTU(1) in 2010 at the Pasto Bueno tungsten mine in Peru, an increase of 13.6% compared with 2009. This increase stems from the expansion project that Malaga undertook in 2009 which delivered increased production capacity.
 ...your author let out a little giggle and put together this chart from official Peruvian Mining Ministry data (extrapolating the 4q10 number from today's MLG NR of course), because despite all these wonderful production expansions and improvements MLG goes on about, production levels actually dropped during the course of 2010.

But hey...this is junior mining...let's not allow a few facts to get in the way of a BS pumpjob. Jay Taylor, step forward.

As for the company being profitable now, it's actually possible thanks to the hike in Tungsten spot prices. Yup, next quarter it might even be good for $1m net or so. All you need to do then is divide that number by the 183.55m shares out and you'll get an idea for what the company is worth per share. DYODD.

Chart of the day is....

...Ventana Gold ( versus gold (the gold ETF, GLD, as proxy), November 17th to January 17th:

It's been two months to the day since Eike Batista offered to buy Kinda looks like his lowball offer is winning the war of attrition, does it not? VEN down 8% from offer day one, GLD unchanged and here's me thinking that Colombia was this hot place for doing mining business......


The easiest way to make money in junior mining plays

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least 
to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic 
bird of the family anatidae on our hands.
Douglas Adams

Following on from our well-received and hit-popular post on Friday that explained the easiest way to make money in the oil & gas junior sector, IKN proudly presents its sibling post. So to the content and the easiest way to make money in junior mining plays...

...isn't to study all the charts out there, looking for advantages in RSIs and bollybands and suchlike on hundreds upon hundreds of potential plays.

It isn't doing deep DD fundamental analysis about the companies and knowing more than the next guy about what dozens of companies are doing and where they're going at any given moment.
It isn't about being expert on rocks, geology, metallurgy, grades, strip rates, mining operations and all those type of things.
Nope, there's a much easier way of making money in junior mining companies. All you have to do is know when Pierre Lassonde is appearing next on King World News

Y'see, by some weird coincidence, every time "Lucky Pierre" is invited on the King World News talkshow he mentions Olivut Resources (OLV.v), a junior exploration company that has a very significant percentage of its shares held by....wait for it.....roll on the drums....yes you've guessed already haven't you...Pierre Lassonde! 
And not only that, but the cooing and warmfuzzy sounds that come out of Eric King's mouth when Lucky Pierre mentions how wonderful OLV.v is may even have something to so with the fact that Eric is an OLV.v shareholder too. Strange that, innit?
Just because people are rich, it doesn't mean they're above running their own scummy sideshows. So watch the listings for KWN and get ready to make yourself some moolah on the back of these hucksters

More Peru Prez Polls

Since we ran this post and chart on Friday, there have been two more opinion polls published in Peru by the decent end of the poll-o-sphere on the same subject: Who's gonna win on April 10? Luckily for your author, El Comercio saves time by putting all three polls (Datum Friday, CPI Saturday, Ipsos/Apoyo Sunday) next to each other in this easy to read table:

Conclusions? Yeah sure, we can do conclusions:
1) Toledo is clearly the frontrunner and the consistency of his numbers is noteworthy.
2) It's between Keiko and Castañeda for the second spot in the run-off. This depends on how much Luis implodes rather than a new-found love for Keiko amongst undecided, as in Peru it's love or hate as regards the name Fujimori
3) Ollanta isn't getting into the fray. FWIW I caught a showing of a rally of his on TV late last night. He's not a very good public speaker.
4) PPK is liked by people who make decisions and not by people that vote, so you see him getting lots of airtime and you see what-passes-for-highbrow columnists in Peruvian media making nice sounds about the guy. Meanwhile in the polls he's getting nowhere.
5) APRA has really screwed its own roost and watching the Araoz campaign is akin to rubbernecking a car crash.
Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Here's a combination of 1) dullard journalist asking the samo-samo questions to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski about kinda dubious links his alliance party has to dubious narcopeople in the shadows of country politics and 2) PPK's famously short fuse. You don't need to understand the question as the answer is what counts (and it comes in international-speak). Twenty-seven seconds of campaign fun.

The IKN Weekly, out now

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