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The Church of Casey follow-up

Interesting multi-mail reaction from yesterday's post, with some hearsay that your author would love to pass on but even this humble corner of cyberspace has its limits. But we can share with you this exchange between IKN and a reader.

Reader writes:
Few have made more money predicting the end of the world than Casey (except of course the various religions). I think his first book was in 1980 or so and he and his followers are still here. It may take 100 years for him to be right. 

Interesting cult following but to be honest, I do enjoy some of his speeches and company.  

To which your humble scribe replies:
So a successful glorious leader and parasitic prophet is also

1) intelligent

2) capable of good speech making
3) interesting and charismatic company

Well there's a shocker!

The more I think about it, the more yesterday's Title "Church of Casey" seems to fit what's going on around Duggie and his disciples. And an estancia in Argentina may yet turn out to be the new Promised Land, so call Casey now and get your downpayment arranged. Amen.

UPDATE: Also great to hear from Lucas Trend&Value this evening who mailed in with this:

You can apparently buy his prophetic book _Investing in Crisis_ (1979/1980) for $0.01 used on Amazon. Pretty ironic.
Yup. So much for hyperinflation, Doug....