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Corrupt business as usual in Peru

Now don't get me wrong about this, even though he's not really my cup of tea or my idea of a drinking partner I do think Ollanta Humala is a pretty straight-up guy and with his heart in the right place. Ideologically he may be Peru's answer to Zelig and chooses his line of thinking to reflect what his audience requires at any given moment, but he's not a bad guy, not corrupt and does want the best for his country. 

The people around him, however, are just another bunch of digustingly corrupt asshole Peruvian politicos.

Let's take for example Juan Carlos Rivera, who was one of Humala's financial backers during the election last year and also of the the key people running his (slick and successful) publicity campaign while out there gathering support. With his man the winner and safely installed as Peru head honcho, it was high time Rivera got his just desserts, right? From here, let's leave it to Peru daily paper Peru21 and this report to fill in the details (translation: your author):

There's no doubt that having been the financier and publicist for now-President Ollanta Humala Tasso in his electoral campaign has been a lucky charm for businessman Juan Carlos Rivera Idrogo, for whom suddenly the millionaire doors of State contracts have been opened. 
Last January 16th, after a series of delays, the Banco de la Nación (state controlled main bank) awarded a multimillion dollar publicity contract to the Planner-Imacon consortium, made up of the Planner de Medios -SAC and Imágenes y Comunicaciones del Perú companies that comes to the sum of no less than S/ 7,887,834 (U$2.93m) so that for one year the consortium advises on the institutional image of the State run bank and consolidates its presence in the media.

There would be nothing strange about the contract if it weren't for the fact that the owner of one of the consortium companies that won the contract is none other than the publicist and financier of President Ollanta Humala.
Continues here and it's well worth continuing, as the report lays out how Rivera and his family supposedly donated very large sums of money from their own pockets, but when things were investigated further by the authorities, those donations actually came up short, something called a "phantom donation" in the world of LatAm politics which is basically a style-over-substance show to curry favour amongst peers. There's also, of course, the quote from the Banco de la Nación people who stated there was nothing untoward about the tendering process and the bid with the best credentials won. Yes, of course.

Welcome to the new Peru! (just the same as the old Peru)