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Exceptions to rules

I want to make something absolutely clear. I am most definitely anti-Technical Analysis (TA) and believe it to be a waste of time. However I also know two other things:

1) I am often wrong.
2) There are always exceptions to rules.

With those in mind, your humble scribe states for the record and forever that Gary Tanashian at Biiwii (his free blog link here) is just about the best macro analyst he knows. And by far the best when it comes to deciphering the metals markets using technical analysis. I honestly don't know how he does what he does, but I do know that he's right way more often than he's wrong (which immediately sets him aside from 99% of the TA charlatans out there). I do not have anything to gain from writing this post and although we sometimes swap mails and thoughts I've never even met the guy face to face, but say out loud that his subscription service, Notes From The Rabbit Hole (NFTRH), is required reading for anyone in the PM and junior mining world (and it covers a lot more than that sector, besides). It's also way too cheap for the amount of top quality information and work that goes into it every week. You need to be a subscriber to NFTRH, so check out the service on this link here and while you're at it, check out the unsolicited testimonials on the service from some of his large band of happy clients.....then sign on for a month, it'll cost you little more than the price of one commission for one trade and will make you more money than you spend, I confidently forecast.

End of message.

Disclosure: I receive no form of payment, commission or anything you care to imagine from Gary for recommending his service, however I have been benefited from a complimentary subscription to NFTRH from the very first issue until today in an exchange deal with him (i send him IKN Weekly, he sends me his, fair swaps). I recommend his service because of its high quality and desire that more IKN readers benefit from his work, no more no less.