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Guyana Goldfields ( Checking in on Louis 'Lobito' James's call on the stock

He reco'd it at $8.69 back in June of 2011 and as we noted back in late February when the Guyana Goldfields ( feas study came out and severely disappointed the market, the world was awaiting, bated breath and chewy fingernails, for the verdict that Louis 'Lobito' James of Casey Research would give on his underwater position. 

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long, as that all-seeing oracle came out with the call on March 1st 2012. At the time was marked at $5.87, a 32.5% loss and here's how Lobito summed things up:

And the world breathed a sigh of relief! Lobito averaged down, got aggressive, KNEW it was worth more than $5.87, was saved from the clutches of disaster by our hero, tickertape parades already planned. So let's see how things have been going since then, shall we?

Oh dear. now at $4.60. That's 47.1% down from the original buy price and and extra bonus special 27.6% down from this month's buy it again call. Beats me why the market is daring to opposed Lobito...

UPDATE: I'm sorry, did I say 'down to $4.60'? That should be "down to $4.46".