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Barkerville Gold (BGM.v): Brent Cook's turn

Northern Miner interviews Brent Cook on Barkerville (BGM.v) and gets all the moneyline quotes it can handle, including the passing reference to Bre-X. Here are a couple of extracts, make sure you go click through and read the whole thing for the full fun:

“It can’t go from half a million oz. at half the grade to 10 million oz. at twice the grade, you can’t do that, it doesn’t happen in reality,” said geologist Brent Cook of Exploration Insights in a phone interview. Cook said his initial reaction to the news was disbelief.
“It got me to pull out my copy of ‘Gold Today, Gone Tomorrow,’” Cook said of the book about the Bre-X scandal."

"...the company could theoretically be sitting on between 65 million and 90 million oz. gold.
“It’s impossible, period,” was Cook’s reaction to the 90 million oz. figure. Even for the Cow Mountain resource itself, Cook pointed out the challenge of achieving such high numbers.
“This is a narrow, high-grade vein district. From the cross-sections we’ve seen, you have a real hard time connecting the veins. Continuity is a real real problem there,” Cook said."

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