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South American Silver ( still misleading the market about the Mallku Khota protest

This from South American Silver's ( news release dated Sunday July 8th (and note that date):
"One project opponent died during one of these security actions. While the exact cause of the death is still under investigation, it is believed to have been as a result of the individual mishandling dynamite"

And now this news report (translated) from Bolivia on the real, official, documented cause of death, dated Saturday July 7th:

"The forensic medic Abelardo Machaca, who performed to autopsy on José Mamani Mamani aged 45, determined in his report that the death of the member of the Ayllu Sullka population was due to a gun shot during the confrontation of last Thursday between locals of the Mallku Khota community and police."

Oh, and there's also this little issue, entitled (translated): "Evo Morales Agrees to Rescind Mallku Khota Concession". Sure is a fun report to read, don't you think Mr. Johnson? Why not tell your shareholders about that one as well?

And by the way, the other two hostages were released today, too.