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MAG Silver ( (MVG) has a problem

Check out this post over at The Mex Files, a site that's forever been a great source of information on all things Mexico. It looks like beatings and contract killings are happening to people opposed to MAG Silver's (MVG) ( operations in the country, which might purely coincidental of course but it's probably not the best way to win friends and influence people. Here's how the MexFiles post kicks off, go click through for the whole thing:
Ismael Solorio Urrutia, the leader of the agrarian El Barzon movement (perhaps best translated as “the dirt farmers”) and his wife, Manuela Martha Solís Contreras, were murdered Monday afternoon on the highway outside Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua. 
Solorio had met with Chihuahua officials last week to complain about threats against him, his family and members of El Barzon by employees of the Cascabel mine in Ejido Benito Juarez (San Buenaventura Municipio*).  The mine is owned by the Canadian firm Mag Silver.  Both Solorio and his son, Eric, were physically attacked by mining company employees on 13 October.