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More on Dev Randhawa of Fission Energy (FIS.v)

The post on Dev Randhawa, Chair & CEO of uranium junior Fission Energy (FIS.v) that we ran earlier in the week elicited a bunch of feedback, with most of it saying "yup, he's like that", but there were some that defended Dev and cast doubt on the reliability of he story we linked to as well. Then another mail arrived the day after the rush, this time from someone I consider a friend. She'd never told me about any brush with Dev Randhawa before so I asked her to write a little script on what happened to her, one that could be used here on the blog. She agreed to do that and here's what she wrote (and yes, she's remaining anonymous but I personally guarantee that this is one very reliable and trustworthy lady):

I met Dev at a conference a few years back, and my first impression was that he seemed to fast-forward through the stages of conventional friendship/acquaintance, to the point that I thought to myself, did I meet him some other time? Have we been introduced? He invited me out at the end of day 1, I declined, but he asked for my card. He immediately texted me, asked for my BBM contact. Sigh, what an idiot I can be, not wanting to insult him, I gave it to him. Chump. He started BBM'ing me all that night, non-stop, I had to turn my phone on silent. I honestly can't remember the subject matter, most likely flirtatious bullsh*t. Stuff I had to delete just in case my boyfriend picked up my phone one day. Then on day 2 he started showing me photos of him in a private jet, and started the name dropping "I'm so rich and cool" routine. He mentioned his wife, and made it seem like he had an open relationship of sorts. He never got angry at me, never sent mean texts- but he continued to message me sometimes late at night, and tried (failed) to hook up for drinks when he was in town. I feel like he isn't the worst douche bag out there, but he's one to be aware of. I feel sorry for him now, knowing that this is some sort of pattern. I feel far more sorry for his family. Lesson learned on my part.

So what happened with my friend closely matches the story revealed the other day, with the clear difference that Dev didn't get aggressive or insulting. But he did start to quickly pester my friend just after first contact, he was sexually suggestive and the message pestering continued late into the evenings. And to answer a couple of queries as to why I'm posting this follow-up, it's simple: The man is a sex pest who has a pattern of behaviour that needs to have some light shone on before he does some real damage. It's also to highlight the quality of person you're relying upon if you decide to invest in Fission Energy (FIS.v). If you still feel like defending Dev, certain people, go right ahead. You'll be in a small minority.