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The Dev is in the details

Dev Randhawa sounds like an interesting dude, what with his moving and shaking in the Vancouver junior mining world and his current position of Chair & CEO of Fission Energy (FIS.v). He's also the subject of this most interesting biography found on this website and dated from just a couple of days ago. We strongly recommend that you click through to read the whole piece, but here's a sample to get you in the mood:
"Know MANY women who have met the dirt bag only once while out at public functions, and Dev will coyly ask for a business card, then message the woman off the hook asking her to meet him so he can “do dirty things to her” because he “knows she is a naughty girl”. This “play boy” is ultimately a drunk looking to sleep with younger women as clearly no woman his age would dare give him the time of day (no wonder he’s still single) and he thinks his boasting and exaggerations will attract a younger woman, misunderstood as a complete idiot. When he gets rejected (because how hard would it be to turn down this hairy, 5foot ape), he will blast the woman’s phone with nasty, insulting texts, calling them “f*ck heads”, “dum b*tches” (his spelling, not mine), and continues here

Fun guy, no?

Update: I'm getting some very cool mails by way of feedback from this post. I wish I could share but on this one sorry, can't really happen. What I can say is that the person who wrote the above is not alone in her negative judgement of Dev Randhawa, of that there is no doubt. But she did get one thing wrong, as apparently Dev is a married man.