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A business suggestion for the board of directors of Liberty Silver (

Here's a business proposal for Messrs Geoffrey Browne, William Tafuri, John Barrington, Paul Haggis, Thomas Hodgson, George Kent, John Pulos and Timothy Unwin, collectively the board of directors at Liberty Silver ( (LBSV)

  • We know that your company is now woefully short of cash, with just $785k at bank on September 30th and  no way to pay for the things you want to do, such as essential drilling at Trinity or covering the bill that SRK is going to present to you for its third party work.
  • We know that your overtures with Canadian brokerages about them running a equity finance for you have been met with polite "no thankyous" and there's little chance of them playing ball now.
  • We know that you got nowhere with your attempted hijacking of Sennen's treasury.
  • And we now know thanks to this G&M report that the S-1 you filed with the SEC last week doesn't mean you're about to immediately sell those warrants in order to raise capital, with CEO Geoffrey Browne's precise words being "nobody is looking to sell."
  • But we also know that you the board have collectively been promo'd as some kind of all-star cast, with massive reputations and experience and all that jazz. That means you guys must have made a pretty penny along the way, right?

So here's the suggestion: Why don't you guys run an internal, private placement and put cash into the treasury of your own company? Let's take today's 65c share price level, assume you guys are good for $6.5m between you, then fund by placing 10m shares and in that way you get the type of working capital the company needs to do its thing. And my word, it would really be a ringing endorsement of all that talk you give us about the company's bright future, wouldn't it? I think it's a great idea, you get to kill two birds with one stone, show the market that you're not afraid to put your money where your mouths are and give the company structure all the cash it needs to move forward, instead of languishing in its current doldrums. So how about it guys?