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A Rick Rule Q&A

Rick Rule is one of the guys that creates fanclub followings around him and...well...if that's how he gets his rocks off who is this humble scribe to judge? Overall I'm agnostic on the dude but will say that 1) can't knock success and 2) he's never disguised his objectives around junior miners; he's in the sector to make himself money, period. There's no hidden agenda with Rule.

That preamble runs into this, a Q&A with Rule  that has this as highlight:
"The most common mistake I see speculators make is regarding the market as a source of information. It is not. It is a mechanism for buying and selling fractional ownership of businesses. Getting your information from the market is the same as getting your information from the expectations of 10,000 people who probably know less about the topic than you do."

Total agreement here, because it's recognized as a personal weakness.