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IKN has pissed off either Ian Park or James West...

...because yesterday your humble scribe received a mail from Google Blogger saying that they'd received a complaint about this post dated October 7th, "The Ballad of Seafield Resources (SFF.v)". We wait to see if blogger removes the post or not but meanwhile it's there for your viewing pleasure. And by the way, I stand by every word written in the post too. James West and Ian Park really are shits of the highest water.

So, which one of these manly men's men has taken umbrage? Place your bets darlings!

UPDATE: Oh my, just when this post goes up the post is removed. So don't bother clicking through on that above link, there's nothing to see there any longer. Never mind, here's the screenshot of what you're missing
click to enlarge

UPDATE 2: Apparently it's available to those not clicking through from Canada. Funny old selective free speech world, innit?