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It gets difficult to track how many times Trevali ( has bullshitted the market on commissioning of its Santander mine...

...but luckily for you, kind reader, IKN Nerve Centre™ has all the details :-)

Even if we leave out details such as the original fast track plan to have the thing running by 2008 and concentrate on recent history, it's still a tale of woe. As noted in this previous post:

  • In November 2011 the idea was to open the thing in Q1 2012. We laughed.
  • Then in February 2012 that was knocked back to "Q2 or Q3" 2012. We laughed again.
  • Then on September 12th 2012 TV told us that "commissioning is anticipated in the fourth quarter". We guffawed and yokked once more, finishing the post with, "So much for 3q12 start-up guys, now anyone fancy taking a bet on that 4q12 promise from the serial bullshit merchants?"

And oh looky here! What have we got today, folks?
"Trevali...reports that ongoing development at its Santander Zinc-Lead-Silver Mine in west-central Peru is in the final phase with initial mining and milling operations currently scheduled to commence in Q1-2013."
Cue owly:

And you gotta love how uses "On Track" in its headline, no? That's world class brass neck, but what else do we expect from world class bullshitters?