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Peru national newspaper quotes The Onion as source

Peru's national daily Correo is one of those brainless rags for mouthbreathers and run by the most obnoxious man in Peruvian media, Aldo Mariátegui. Today however it outdoes itself by running this serious story that uses The Onion as its source material. Screenshot here, just in case it disappears.

Freakin dumbasses. And here's the link to the original Onion piece, same photo and everything.

UPDATE: Site pal Setty sums things up well down this neck of the woods, where we're all having large scale yoks over the Correo huevo-en-cara:

UPDATE 2: Correo has now pulled the story, which is why we took the screenshot in the first place. But evidence is still out there that the above isn't made up IKN shit