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Tahoe Resources ( (TAHO) has no dynamite

Here's a translation of this report out of Guatemala about the ongoing serious problems Tahoe Resources ( has at its Escobal project (via its wholly owned local subsidiary San Rafael, mentioned in the report). It goes without saying that would much rather this news stay out of the English language media...which is of course why it's appearing on the blog today. My thanks to A. Reader for the heads-up.

Mob Burns Six Vehicles on Road
A furious mob of neighbours in Mataquescuintla Jalapa, set on employees of the mining company working in San Rafael, burned five pick-up trucks and a cargo truck.
By Oswaldo Cardona and Hugo Oliva
The protesters set fire to a truck that was supposedly carrying dynamite. Also, they set fire to an 18 room hotel where employees at the mine were staying.
The towns people demanded that President Otto Pérez Molina respects the decision of the people in its recent local referendum (that voted against the mining company's presence).
Several people who preferred not to be identified said that this was only one of many protest actions that they would take if they see vehicle or employees of the mine passing through the town.
They blamed the government for what could happen, as they are not going to let the mining company work in the area any longer.
The vehicles were burned on the road to Jalapa.
The first confrontation happened at km104 and continued for one more kilometre before the Barrios area.
Hugo Loy, the municipality's mayor, said that the problems happened at 5:30pm and the protesters asked for the presence of the local legal authority, and then threw stones at him when he arrived.
"I do not support this type of vandalism, but there is a division in population that the people at the mine have produced," explained Loy.
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