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Candente Copper (, This Thing Isn't Like That Thing edition

Consider "Candente only waiting for water permit to advance with Cañariaco project" dated December 4th 2012, which reports on the presentation that CEO Joanne Freeze gave to assembled financial suits in Lima at the Expobolsa conference. It includes
"In our community (i.e. Cañaris, locality of the Cañariaco copper project) we're working calmly, but yes there are people that don't want mining and don't want us there, but there's much more noise than truth."

Now consider "Ronderos* hold three geologists in Andean region of Cañaris" dated December 5th 2012 (today).
A police contingency left from the city of Jaen to go to the region of Upeyzata, in the Andean district of Cañaris, where 500 community members have blocked a road that goes to the Cañariaco mining camp and are holding three geologists hostage."
That enough noise for you, Jo?

*Peru rural community protection organization