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High Desert Gold (HDG.v) drills

Though unmentioned for a while, we still strongly recommend that metalheads make use of the Brent Cook/Corebox Drill Interval Calculator, as it's a useful tool to really get a handle on what your preferred mining company has drilled from its project. Let's take for example High Desert Gold (HDG.v) and its NR from this morning that is entitled "High Desert Gold Continues to Achieve Strong Drilling Results from the Gold Springs Project, Including 7.6 Metres @ 6.7 gpt Gold Equivalent Within 59.4 Metres @ 1.3 gpt Gold Eq".

Once you plug those headline numbers in (and btw, it's 1.29 g/t not 1.3) this is what you get from the handy dandy calc machine:

In other words, HDG.v has 7.6m of 6.7 g/t AuEq which is reasonably interesting, then around that rock it has 51.8m of 0.496 g/t AuEq which is...

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