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Juniors that deliver

An interesting report from BMO today, which covers quite a few names in the junior PM producer space (ty reader L for the fwd). Instead of noting specific recos of the companies however, this simple table caught my eye.

Here's how author Brian Quast did the calculations:

And yeah, it may be rough but I think Quast is 1) spot on with his assessments and 2) right to start a type of league table of management credibility. Somebody has to make these jokers realize that they're accountable for the bullshit spin that's unceasingly foisted upon this end of the deal. Also, good to see that the benchmark is initial guidance for production, not the adjusted guidances that turn up in the 3q12 MD&A which then  allow the BSsers to say "oh look, we met guidance" at the end of 4q12, one of the most tiresome pieces of twofaced lying that we get to witness from the serial sophists. Good call, Quast.