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Pacific Rubiales ( in the news

Via Setty, an excerpt of this report (translated) regarding labour relations around Pacific Rubiales (
Milton Rivas was a worker and electrician for the company Termotécnica. He was known for his leadership and support for workers' rights in the region. He was part of the group of worker who had gone on strike with the objective of obtaining better working conditions for thousands of workers employed by the multinational Pacific Rubiales. 
Yesterday (Monday) Milton Rivas was stopped by two armed men close to the Termotécnica installations, who told him that if he didn't halt his union activities they were going to murder him. Unfortunately, today they made good on their threats

Another day in capital markets, folks, and just another sheer coincidence that Serafino Iacono is sitting on the board of another company in Colombia that's connected with extrajudicial killings. Yes that right, it's just a coincidence. Nothing else but sheer coincidence.. We want to make it crystal clear to Serafino's lawyers and lackeys that we're not making any connection at all between his person and assassinations in Colombia, because that just wouldn't be right, would it? Move along now, nothing to see here.