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The Chile/Peru border dispute: What you need to know

1. This is the area disputed, a 37,900km2 triangle of maritime territory that starts at the border between the two countries.

2. Peru says "that should be the border" and Chile says "no no, that should be the border".

3. The case has been in pre-trial for years, but is up before the beak at The Hague as of today. Both sides get to say their piece of the next few days then the judges will go off, cogitate and at some point in 2013 will deliver a final and unappealable ruling.

4. The hype machine around the dispute has just hit overdrive in both countries. It's a difficult time to be fluent in the Spanish language, jingoism is rife and insufferable people are being insufferable.

5. Err, that's it.

UPDATE: Longtime reader JP writes in:
"It'll never happen, but it would be a great gesture for the Hague to slap them both around, Chile and Peru, and give the territory back to Bolivia."
Yep, that'd learn 'em both.