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Breaking: Tahoe Resources ( (TAHO): Two dead, nine injured in violent protest outside mine

Read all about it here.

The story according to Guatemala's Prensa Libre newspaper is that early this morning, about half a kilometre from the entrance to the mine complex, a group of protesters cut power lines and blocked the access road with felled trees. When the private security guards at the mine gate investigated, they were met with gunfire and two of the guards were shot dead. The mayor of the local town, San Rafael Las Flores, is quoted in the report as saying (your author's translation):
"Here we are very worried for what's happening once again at the mine. Access to the municipality has been blocked, there are enormous trees blocking the road to Jalapa and at least six in various palces on the road between Soledad Grande and our municipality. We're trying to get chainsaws so that we can send people to clear the roads."

Here's another report with another quote from the governor of the Santa Rosa region:
"There were gunshots [during the protest] when unidentified individuals used large calibre weapons* and unfortunately two people from the security firm, Golán, contracted by the San Rafael mine, subsidiary of Canadian Tahoe Resources, died." 
"I would like to take this opportunity to say to all concerned that this is not the wya to solve problems, We have to enter into dialogue and avoid these type of incidents that have brought grief to many families."

*phrase that usually means shotguns