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Dead Mexicans

Mexico's 'Milenio' tracks the numbers of people executed in narco-related crimes (NB: not overall country murder rates) and here's how 2012 stacks up against the previous five years according to that medium:

(lots more info besides in the Milenio note, including the graphic at the bottom of the report that needs no deep Spanish knowledge to understand)

The claims that things are abating in Mexico seem to be somewhat exaggerated, it seems. We've heard about the drop-off in deaths in Ciudad Juarez, but countrywide it's very much the same story as the last two years. and at average of 34 deaths per day (!). 

As for the future of this mess, let's see what new Prez EPN does about the clustafark he's inherited from the drug warrior Calderón, with my guess at the moment being EPN's PRI will come to some quiet and extremely off-record agreements with the narco groups that will see their activities drop in the year to come. Sweeping under the carpet, it's the PRIista way.