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Hugo Chávez "unresponsive, breathing via respirator"

That's what this link to a report from an unofficial source says, as well as saying that Chávez is heavily sedated and terminally ill. It goes on to say that his family do not want to turn off the respirator, although such a decision may cause unnecessary suffering in the next few days.

All this is unofficial of course. Sadly, Venezuela's government isn't helping the unofficial speculations and rumours by being tight-lipped about the status of its President. Also sadly, this fits in with how it looked on December 30th when the relapse news broke. As your humble scribe wrote at the time:
"Want it straight? Here it is: 3 relapses of a malignant tumour and quick deterioration post-op = Hugo Chávez is dying. The rest is noise."
Cancer is a bastard.