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The Diplomats With Prostitutes scandal of the week award goes to...

...The Honduras embassy in Bogotá, Colombia. The story broke late Thursday in the Honduras Daily El Heraldo and told of a party night on December 20th at the embassy that ended badly because the Honduran diplos were stupid enough not to pay their guests for the services rendered (reminding you of the US Secret Service in Bogotá story yet? Yup, me too). The prostitutes took their revenge by stealing computers, phones and even defecating (I'll use the polite term today, just for a change) in the ambassador's office and on the desk of the military attaché. It now turns out that the girls had been invited to the embassy on at least three previous occasions

The cool bit is that one of the laptops stolen is understood to have oodles of State secret information stored in it. Hilarity ensues.

UPDATE: The Saturday lunch time unsurprise: Honduras has just fired its ambassador to Colombia, Carlos Humberto Rodríguez. Investigations have revealed that one Jorge Mendoza, a Honduras national and personal employee of Rodríguez, was a dude who organized the sex party that went wrong (and probably the other parties before it).