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Unemployment in Latin America

Jobs beancounters ILO/OIT are out with their 2013 report (full pdf here) that gives all the up-to-date stats on unemployment rates in Latin America and the Caribbean. Here's a chart with data from the main LatAm countries included (we exclude Caribbean countries, the smallest states and also any country that hasn't supplied OIT with data for all years, that last category therefore excludes countries such as Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua)

Overall regional unemployment is pegged at 6.5% for 2012 (the thick black line) because it benefits from the two biggest markets, Brazil and Mexico, pulling the overall average down. Mexico has always had low-ish unemployment, but the big change has been Brazil, which has cut its headline unemployment rate by over half since 2002 (11.7% to 5.7%).

And I know that above chart is pretty busy, so here's the dataset for your further consideration

The regionwide 6.5% is a pretty decent number and OIT expects it to drop a notch or two in 2013, as well.