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Candente Copper ( Cañaris locals suspend protest

As jaw jaw is better than war war, the news yesterday from Cañaris, locality of the Cañariaco copper project owned by Candente Copper ( was positive. Here's one of several reports now available, here's a translation
During the meeting held on the afternoon of Wednesday February 6th in the town of Cañaris, locals approved the suspension of protests that began on January 20th and unblocked roads that connect the district with the Fernando Belaúnde roadway which goes Northwest. 
Members of the meeting also passed a resolution to say that if dialogue with central govrnment authorities failed, the protests would restart in a more radical form, although what that would consist of was not mentioned.
Leaders and locals from this Andean locality said that the suspension is until February 9th, the date on which a meeting with representatives of the national ministerial cabinet was scheduled in order to find a solution to the socio-eonvironmental mining conflict.