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Photo quiztime (update with answer)

Name these two people. The answer will come as an update to this post tomorrow.

Those of you into Peru politics and mining will have an advantage.

UPDATE Sunday: A few of you got one or the other, two of you (commenter rawphile and mailer MM) got them both. And the answer is...

On the left is Victor Haya de la Torre, founder of the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance, nowadays better known as Peru's APRA party (Alan García et al). His many memorable moments include leading an insurgency against one of Peru's military dictatorships and being imprisoned for nearly a year, incommunicado, at Peru's most infamous prison. 

On the right, Roque Benavides, head honcho at Buenaventura (BVN) and leading light at Yanacocha SA (Conga etc). He has also been involved in social protests and uprisings recently.