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Fujimori doesn't have cancer and that's definitely a good thing, Lillie

Last night Peruvian investigative journalism TV show 'El Cuarto Poser' got its hands on the report made by doctors on the health of ex-President and current long-term prisoner, Alberto Fujimori, and told the world that contrary to all the bullshit spouted by his inmundo familia, the dude does not have cancer. Lillie over at Memory in Latin America has more EngLang details on the news over at her esteemed site, but she also starts her post by wondering whether the news is a good or bad thing. Well Lillie, I can assure you it's an undoubtedly good piece of news:
  • It's good because a man does not have cancer, something nobody in their right mind would wish upon anyone.
  • It's good because there's no health reason to pardon the dude and let him off his completely justified prison sentence.
  • It's good because even though his jail cell is nothing short of luxurious, he gets to wallow there in his self pity indefinitely. Should give him time to think about things.
  • And it's good that his lying two-faced progeny have been shown up for what they most certainly are.

It's called justice, a new and welcome development in 21st century LatAm.