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Good news! The bottom in gold is in

We know this because Casey Research is now panicking like a bunch of headless chikkinz and telling its flock to buy puts. This is my favourite bit guys, the line in red:
"If the truth is that you are feeling uncomfortable with your current position in precious metals and related stocks – especially if, perhaps, you got carried away and invested more heavily in this sector than recommended – you should consider the near-term "insurance trade" we're suggesting. It's far better to "waste" a little money buying insurance now than to panic later and realize unnecessary losses if other buyers disappear from our market and prices go into free-fall (for a time)."
Yes indeed, from the very same firm that earlier this very week was, quite literally, rallying its troops by sending out videos of Henry 5th St Crispin's Day speech (Shakespeare, m'dear) to get 'em into more gold equities and saying things like "buy more gold stocks, make me proud". It's beyond a joke.