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Idiot Criminal of the Week Award, Quito Ecuador edition

One of the fashionable crimes in today's South America is the car robbery (rather than theft), where the nasty people pick out a luxurious looking car, follow it, wait for it to stop at some set of lights in the city centre and then jump the occupants and take all that's worth taking (cash, credit cards, phones, computers, etc). 

But if you're going to do that, you should try to avoid targetting the luxury cars being used by visiting Vice Presidents because they tend to come with plain clothes security forces as back up.

Yup, that's what happened on Friday night in Quito Ecuador, when the car being used to move from A to B by Argentina's Veep Amado Boudou was set upon by car robbers, who were in turn slightly surprised to find themselves well and truly nicked in nanoseconds by the secret police watching over the visiting dignitary from the car behind. The result was nothing stolen and several criminals in jail. Score a point for the ruling classes.